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At-home spa products to boost your mood— without costing your soul.


Reset & refuel

Our products help create space to rest & “fill your cup”


Be present

Celebrate your me-moments & find joy in the right now


Feel good inside & out

Small acts of self-kindness boost self-worth in big ways

Because we believe self-care leads to self-love, leads to self-empowerment — leads to YES I can, just watch me.


Meet peachy Clean

sip on this

Soothe. Depuff. Refresh

Chill Mode Colling Mini Facial Globes


Our fan-fave HA serum for your daily-glow ritual.

Creating #MomentsofYou

SpaLife, In Real Life. No filters, no re-touching. Just real-life people who love our products as much as we enjoy making your day.

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Michael M.

Hand and feet masks are incredible! Hands look younger!! Also love the loofahs! Affordable too!!

Vicky S.

These facial masks work best for my skin type! I will forever buy from this website :)

Lisa S.

Love the sheet masks!! Perfect for summer and winter when the skin needs a little extra.

Mikayla D.

I love every product I have of spa life! Since I started using spa life I can tell a difference in my skin and I feel so much more confident.

Alyson M.

I have very sensitive skin and these products are gentle but effective. The prices are remarkably reasonable and masks make great gifts.

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